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MEET Brittany Truett



if you could be any animal for a week what would you choose and why?

a sugar glider. . . they're inconspicuously small and can fly. the fun to be had!

if you could have an average superpower what would it be? (example: have instantly dry hair after a shower)

never need sleep - imagine all the things you could do!

Go to favorite snack?

avid carb lover so all the chips and dips.

Must have / go to item in your style kit?

stickler for really good pens + sketchbooks

how would you describe your personal interior style?

west coast modern with a 70's flair and a dash of edge

Favorite book? 

basic, but harry potter. i loved getting sucked into this imaginary world!

Favorite Designer?

kelly wearstler. i love her bold style

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