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Show Your Metal

There is no rule that says you must match your metal finishes when designing your spaces, especially in Kitchens and baths. And if there were a rule, we would break it.

We are firm members of the mix your metals camp, and encourage our clients to come over to the diverse side.

incorporating varied finishes, particularly with hardware choices, helps establish a "curated over time" feel, and a certain depth and character, a certain twist in the perfection that we respond to when experiencing a space.

Here are a few tips for a beautiful blend.

  • Establish a base finish first, and use that for roughly 2/3 of your finishes. Add complimentary accent finishes to fill in the rest.

  • Brass and Polished nickel are a great combination, as are bronze and brass, or black and chrome, or cut glass and chrome, or leather and bronze and brass .... you get the idea.

  • color us captivated! break out of the usual and go for unexpected hues that tie in with your scheme

  • Keep warm and cool in mind; brass, copper, and nickel have warm tones, chrome, steel, and other silver metals are cool. Black bridges the gap nicely. You can mix warm and cool, but carefully, to avoid clashing.

  • Keep an eye on the sheen, and remember that two polished finishes can be very glam. If that is not the intent, then polished and brushed or satin or antiqued might be a better pairing.

  • think of it as a puzzle. piece it together until it speaks to you.

  • And always, always, always; if you like it, then it is right!

Consider hardware that already mixes finishes

Mixed Magic


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