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MEET Tracy Parkinson

Principal Designer

Nest & Company

if you could be any animal for a week what would you choose and why?

a songbird on a summer's day, flying from tree to tree on the warm breeze, sipping from a birdbath, napping among the leaves

if you could have an average superpower what would it be? (example: have instantly dry hair after a shower)

yup, instantly dry hair after a shower

Go to favorite snack?

anything salty and crunchy

Must have / go to item in your style kit?

vintage wooden cutting boards. they work everywhere, not just in the kitchen!

how would you describe your personal interior style?

a modern/trad mix with a clean and simple base, with moments of edge and whimsy

Favorite book? 

"Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon

Favorite Designer?

Heiberg Cummings, Zio and Sons, Devol Kitchens, Jersey Ice Cream Co, Workstead inc., The Brooklyn Home Company, Kelly McGUIll Home, Lisa Tharpe Design, how much room we do we have?

Untitled design_edited.png
Untitled design_edited.png
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