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4 Inspiring Interior Design Tips for the Fall 2020

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

There’s a chill in the air and the colors of Fall are warmed with hints of red, orange and gold. It’s time to get out your chunky sweaters and think about lighting the fireplace. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring those feelings inside? A style that you can enjoy through a season rather than a holiday.

To style your home seasonally, you want to use simple items that can be interchangeable with your everyday home decor. Take a look outside and pull inspiration from the colors and textures you see and more importantly how they make you feel.

How can you bring some of these beautiful colors? How can you counter the coolness in the air? How can you bring in all the texture you’re seeing?

Here are some of our thoughts and ideas:

1. Wallpaper - Wallpaper has been trending and using it on one wall can give your space some personality. With today’s temporary wallpaper, you can change your style every season with easy peel and stick wallpaper. Anthropologie’s Flourish Wallpaper captures all the colors of fall in simple watercolor brush strokes. There is a great selection of places where you can purchase wallpaper and wall murals. Check out these temporary wallpaper selections.

2. Pillows - Swapping out pillows or pillow covers with exciting textured fabrics can change the feel of a room. Stick to either neutrals or those warm colors tones inspired by nature. Leather is an unexpected option that can add contrast to your pillow selections. Mix textured pillows with some flat woven pillows to have a variety that is easy on the eyes - like this orange stripe linen pillow with a small tassel.

3. Throw or Blankets - Bringing in extra layers can create a cozy place to relax. Think chunky handknit throw or faux fur channel throw for a stylish look as well as comfort and warmth.

4. Baskets - Swapping out or adding baskets can change the look of a room. Not only do baskets add warmth but they can be used as secondary storage for throws or stacked wood for your fireplace. We love the idea of bronzed metal baskets or warm woven baskets like the Beachcomber Handwoven Seagrass Rectangular Handled Baskets. This will finish the warm seasonal feeling of bringing the outdoors inside.

Notice Nest & Company's image below. It has the warm tones for the fall including the throw blanket, a hint of leather on the ottoman and a cow hide rug. It makes the room warm and inviting.

Adding the right style elements to a room can help change the look and feel, even if it is temporary. Thinking about the changes in nature, and how it inspires you, can help you bring that feeling from outside into your home.

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