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Entering 2021 with Good Intentions

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

During the "year that everyone stayed home", we were forced to prioritize what was important, not only in our social and professional lives, but also inside our homes as well. Evaluating what is functional and what makes you feel good inside your home is a direct result of having to spend so much time there.

When spaces suddenly become multi-use, how do we update our homes to fit our new normal? When we have little control of what goes on around us, how do we set attainable goals and enter the New Year with a positive perspective?

At nest + company, we are starting 2021 by declaring our intentions for the entire year. These apply not only to our design choices, but also to our day to day principles. By creating a calendar filled with goals and values, we hold ourselves accountable for how we move through the upcoming year.

When we focus on strategies like letting go, showing love, being bold, or radiating good vibes, we can change our perspective and create a better physical and mental space for ourselves. We encourage you to follow along with our 2021 journey and hopefully some of our intentions match your own resolutions!

Happy New Year!


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