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Hello, Spring!

Our Top 5 favorite house trees + plants to bring home


Spring is here, and we are all looking forward to emerging from a long winter of hibernation.

Here at Nest, we know what a good bunch of greenery accomplishes where design is concerned. Plants bring a space to life, soften hard edges, add a touch of color, introduce texture and insert scent.

What better way to help your home out of hibernation as well?

Credit: Design is Nest + Company, Photography is Sarah Winchester

Here are a few favorites.

1. Lemon Cypress Tree

Benefits: A particularly beautiful shade of green, they also radiate a yummy lemon scent when touched.

How to Maintain: These trees are easily maintained by providing lots of sunlight (6-8 hours) and LOTS of water. Regular trimming keeps them neat.

Credit: Design is Nest + Company, Photography is Tamara Flanagan

2. Jade Plant

Benefits: Jade plants are symbols of good luck in your home and are great natural air purifiers.

How to Maintain: Full sun is required for Jade plants, but these succulents don’t require regular watering, only when the top of the soil is dry is watering needed.

Credit: Nest + Company

3. Chinese Money Plant

Benefits: These adorable plants are also called UFO plants because of their unique leaves. Their shape and bright green coloring adds a touch of whimsy to any room.

How to Maintain: Keep out of direct sunlight, but in a bright area of your home. Allow the soil to dry out in between each watering.

Credit: Xinyi Zhang

4. Snake Plant

Benefits: If low maintenance is your goal, these are the plants for you. Snake plants can last with low light levels and minimal care while still maintaining their striking appearance. And bonus, they help remove toxins from the air.

How to Maintain: Again, very little is required to keep your Snake plant alive. They don’t require direct or bright sunlight and can handle minimal watering.

Credit: Jake Goossen

5. Topiary

A particular favorite of ours, many varieties of plant can be trained into topiary shape; myrtle, rosemary, lavender, ivy. They can add architectural interest and height, and look wonderful grouped.

Water and fertilize just like a regular houseplant. Follow care instructions based on plant type, and trim regularly to maintain their shape.

Credit: Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunkport, Maine

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