With February upon us, we can’t help but be reminded of the approaching polarizing holiday- Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, super single, or still sort of figuring it out, there’s plenty of other ways to show some love- particularly to your space!

Try moving a piece of furniture or lamp, or even a rug- either to a different place in the same room, or a different room all together. A space can feel refreshed by adding an unexpected piece that may have been hiding out elsewhere. Even a simple floor plan change can shake up a room that may be feeling dull. Moving pieces around and trying new configurations is fun and a frugal way to make a much-needed change.

Other pieces may need a little more attention. Try painting your wood side table a fresh new color, or adding nailhead trim to a chair or headboard, or even swapping out hardware on a chest of drawers. A little face lift can make a big difference.

Another option is repurposing your items for a completely new use. Remove doors from a kitchen hutch and turn it into an open bookcase. The possibilities really are endless with a little imagination.

Don’t be afraid to treat your spaces, and by extension, yourself, to some extra love and attention. They are pulling extra shifts these days!

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